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8 - 16 July 2023


Open to Cadets and Seniors, during this first year course, students will gain hands-on experience in navigation, team mobility, search operations, crash site procedures and survival skills. Students will also have an opportunity to rappel on our 60+ foot tower. The students then will take part in a 3-day mission to have the skills learned evaluated. In this search exercise, the schools culminating event, the students will take part in real world scenarios and perform realistic rescues. Students will train through the Ranger 3rd Class and into Ranger 2nd Class skills. Ground Team Member Level 3 & 2 skills will also be evaluated. The students will also gain training to complete their MRO. This training will allow them to be considered true assets of any CAP ground team.
Target Graduation Qualifications:  Ground Team Member 3, Ranger Third Class
  • GES Complete

  • ICUT Online Training Complete (E-Services)

  • Possess a Current First Aid Card

  • ICS NIMS 100 & 700 complete

  • Physical Category 1 (in accordance with CAPP 60-50)

  • Completion of Encampment (Cadets)

  • Minimum 14 years of age
  • Completion of Cadet Protection Training (Students over 18)

  • Cadets must be C/SSgt or above. Seniors must have completed Level 1.

  • Course Fee includes food and some safety equipment.
  • Apply for this course under “Hawk Mountain Ranger School Full Week Course - 459” in eServices.
  • A supplemental application is required.
Course Fee

$400 - Includes food, some training and, safety equipment 

Squadron Commanders



HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA

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