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Master Medics represent the leadership of the CAP Medic Program and are typically experienced medical providers with years of experience both within the Hawk Mountain program and the civilian community.  They hold multiple instructor ratings in the medical field and are responsible for guiding the growth of the medic program.  In addition to being able to perform the expected role of the senior medic, they are responsible for the training of all the other levels of medics. They are awarded the Red Scarf and Belt.


* - Deceased


My task is to  provide to the utmost limits of my capability the best possible care to those in need of my aid and assistance.

To this end I will aid all those who are needful, paying no heed to my own desires and wants; treating friend, foe and stranger alike, placing their needs above my own.

To no man will I cause or permit harm to befall, nor will I refuse aid to any who seek it.

I will willingly share my knowledge and skills with all those who seek it.

I seek neither reward nor honor for my efforts for the satisfaction of accomplishment is sufficient.

These obligations I willingly and freely take upon myself in the tradition of those that have come before me.

…These things I do so that others may live...

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