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6-14 July 2024



This second year course is designed for any cadet who is interested in becoming a Ranger Team Medic. Students will be taught ECSI’s (Emergency Care and Safety Institute) Advanced Wilderness First Aid for the initial curriculum, in conjunction with field sanitation and hygiene training for wilderness operations. Students will be instructed in preventive care for team members, trauma assessments, mass casualty triage, and the transport of patients in the field. This course is academically challenging, combining both the Cadet Advanced Course curriculum and Field Medic Training. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be certified in Advanced Wilderness First Aid, CPR, Field Medic and will have the opportunity to become part of Ranger Staff as a Field Medic.

Attendance at the school does not guarantee successful completion.  Students will be instructed in all subjects required for completion.  Passing a written test and skills performance evaluation is required in order to complete any courses.

Target Graduation Qualifications:  Field Medic

  • Previous Summer School Required

  • CPR Mandatory

  • R-2 Qualified

  • GTM3 Complete​

  • Physical Category 1 (in accordance with CAPP 60-50)

  • Completion of Encampment  (Cadets)

  • Completion of Cadet Protection Training (Students over 18)

  • Completion of Achievement 1 (Cadet) or Level 1 (Seniors)

  • Course Fee includes food, manual, med bag and some safety equipment.
  • Early registration (June 1) is required since there may be pre-course assignments as part of the school curriculum.
  • Apply for this course under “Hawk Mountain Ranger School Field Medic Staff Training Course - 319" in eServices.
  • A supplemental application is required
  • Previous medical training is NOT required.  Any training or previous knowledge will assist in the completion of the course, but it is not necessary.  This course is classified as Advanced First Aid, however students are instructed in various subjects above the expected knowledge level of this certification.  There is a strong emphasis on the wilderness aspects of medical training throughout the course.  It is typically considered as equivalent to above the Emergency Responder, but not equal to the EMT-Basic.

  • Do NOT purchase the ECSI’s (Emergency Care and Safety Institute) Advanced Wilderness First Aid Book on your own.  The latest copies are purchased just before summer school and include your certificate.

  • A medical first aid bag does not need to be purchased before or brought to the school.  All students will be given an identical bag.

Course Fee

$500 - Includes food, manual, med bag, some training and safety equipment 

HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA

Squadron Commander


Are you already an EMT or above?

The medic instructors have developed a 2-weekend bridge course to train medical professionals to join Hawk Mountain Ranger School medical staff. Candidates for this course have the completed prerequisites, minimally are EMT-Basics, and have the certifications on the Medic First Class Sheet. This class is scheduled throughout the year as demand makes it necessary.  Please contact the medical staff if interested in this opportunity.

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