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6-14 July 2024



The Incident Leadership Course is designed for Ground Team Leaders and above wishing to grow and hone their skills as Ground Branch Directors and Planning Section Chiefs in the most challenging field environments of leading complex, hands-on search operations. During this 9-day program, students will complete all necessary requirements to complete this endeavor. Students will be offered the opportunity to attend a virtual ICS 300 conducted prior to the school. The students will also take part in a 3-day search exercise during which the students will operate in the field as Ground Branch Directors, Planning Section Chiefs, Operations Section Chiefs, and Incident Commanders and place skills learned to the test as a final evaluation.

This course will be taught in a combination of classroom academics at a local facility and fieldwork during the Field Training Exercise.  Barracks lodging will be provided for the academic portion at Fort Indiantown Gap and students will camp for the 3-day (2-night) field training exercise. Students may obtain their own lodging at their own expense.  Contact for information on options.

Target Graduation Qualifications:  Ground Branch Director or Above (prior experience dependant), Ranger Third Class

  • GTL & GTM3 

  • ICS NIMS 100b, 200b, 700b, & 800 complete (indicated in E-Services)

  • GBD Trainee Status

  • CAPT-117 Part 1-3 complete

  • Physical Category 1

  • Completion of Level 1 (Seniors) and Cadet Protection Training (Students over 18)

  • Course Fee includes lodging, food, some training and safety equipment 
  • A supplemental application is required
  • If you wish to make this a day course other lodging arrangements can be made at your own expense
Course Fee

$400 -  includes lodging, food, some training and safety equipment 

Squadron Commander

Maj Christopher Porter


HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA


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