9 - 17 July 2022



The Incident Leadership Course is a Ground Branch Director and Planning Section Chief training program. During this 9-day program students will complete all necessary requirements to complete this endeavor. Students will take part in an 18 hour ICS 300 course. The students will also take part in 3-day search exercise during which the students will operate in the field as Ground Branch Directors and place skills learned to the test as a final evaluation. These students will be able to return to their home units better able to support ground team missions.

Target Graduation Qualifications:  Ground Branch Director or Above (prior experience dependant), Ranger Third Class

  • GTL qualified

  • GTM 3 & GTM 2 qualified

  • ICS NIMS 100b, 200b, 700b, & 800 complete

  • GBD Trainee Status

  • CAPT-117 Part 1-3 complete

  • R-1 Qualified (Highly recommended)

  • Physical Category 1 (in accordance with CAPP 60-50)

  • Completion of Cadet Protection Training (Students over 18)

  • Completion of Level 2 (Seniors)

  • CCourse Fee includes food, some training and safety equipment 
  • Apply for this course under “400 - HMRS - All other Senior Member courses” in eServices
  • A supplemental application is required
  • If you wish to make this a day course other lodging arrangements can be made at your own expense
Course Fee

$375 -  includes food, some training and safety equipment 

Squadron Commander

Col Tom Benckert

HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA

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