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6-14 July 2024



Basic:  6-9 July 2024

Advanced:  10-13 July 2024

Can you survive in the woods with just what is in your aircraft? This 4-day course is designed to teach you just that, and more. For all Aircrew Members (Seniors and Cadets 16 and over), this course will provide invaluable information on how to survive until help arrives. The Ranger Instructor Staff is well versed in all aspects of survival training. Students will experience hands-on indoor and outdoor classroom training and two days of practical survival experience in the field. The course will cover Egress Training, Initial Survival Concerns, Survival Kits, The WILL TO SURVIVE, Improvising Equipment, Communications, Signaling, Land Navigation, First Aid, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Water Procurement, Basic Survival Skills for all Regions, Shelter, Weather, Fire Building, and the practical experience of survival.

Advanced Aircrew Survival Course will build upon the Basic Survival Course skills to include concepts in water procurement and filtration, advanced land navigation, natural shelters, and water survival.

Target Graduation Qualifications:  Ranger Third Class (if GTM3 qualified), Aircrew Water Survival Certification (Advanced)
  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • Must have completed Level 1 (Senior) or Achievement 1 (Cadet)
  • Must have completed Cadet Protection Training 
  • Current CAP membership
  • GES
  • IS 100
  • IS 700
  • First aid certificate
  • ICUT (online portion)
  • ​Must be in Physical Category 1 throughout the duration of the school.
    • CAP Physical Categories are described in CAPR 60-50 (No physical restrictions)
  • 4-day course with the first and last days being conducted at Fort Indiantown Gap
  • Course Fee includes food, Fort Indiantown Gap lodging, course materials, water survival certification and some safety equipment 
  • If you have a survival kit for your plane we suggest you bring it along, if possible along with any routine gear you would personally carry during flight operations
  • Apply for this course under “Hawk Mountain Ranger School Half Week Course” in eServices Registration Zone if attending ONLY Basic or Advanced.
  • Apply for this course under “Hawk Mountain Ranger School Full Week Course ” in eServices Registration Zone if attending BOTH Basic and Advanced.
Course Fee

$275 (half week) - Includes food, lodging,  training, and some safety equipment 

$400 (full week) - Both Basic and Advanced Courses


HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA

Squadron Commander

Lt Col Brian Porter

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