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6-14 July 2024



Communication Operations Course - Basic - Students will gain familiarity of UHF, VHF & HF radios, learn mission base & field operations, remote communications relay stations, and communications equipment set up and operation. The culminating three day exercise will include extensive hiking with full equipment. Students will be tasked as MRO's to support a squadron on the Field Training Exercise (FTX). Upon successful completion of the Basic course, students will become Mission Radio Operator certified and will have learned valuable mission skills along the way.

Target Graduation Qualifications:  Mission Radio Operator, Ranger Third Class

Communication Operations Course - Advanced - Students will learn how to effectively plan and manage the communication network during search and rescue missions, and will take the ICS-300 course as part of their training for CUL. The students will also be tasked with setting up and operating the Remote Communications Station during the FTX and will practice their newly learned skills during the three-day search simulation. This will involve spending several days away from base camp in support of the school’s FTX. Upon successful completion of this course, Advanced students will become Communications Unit Leader(CUL) certified.

Target Graduation Qualifications:  Communications Unit Leader, Ranger Third Class


Students in both courses will have opportunities to learn skills and test toward earning R-3/R-2. This course is open to qualifying Senior and Cadet members.

  • GES Complete                                                              

  • Qualified GTM3 or GTM3 trainee with all of the prerequisites completed and commander’s approval completed.

  • Trainee status in MRO with the prerequisites completed and commander’s approval signed completed (Basic)

  • Qualified MRO with trainee status in CUL and all of the prerequisites completed, including the commander’s approval for prerequisite familiarization/ preparatory training signed completed (Advanced)

  • Possess a Current First Aid & CPR Card

  • ICS-100 & 700 Complete                                           

  • ICS-200 & 800 Complete (Advanced)

  • ICUT Complete

  • CAPT 117 Part 1-2 (Advanced)

  • CAPT 117 Part 3

  • Physical Category 1 (in accordance with CAPP 60-50)

  • Completion of Encampment (Cadets)

  • Minimum 14 years of age
  • Completion of Cadet Protection Training (Students over 18)

  • Completion of Achievement 1 (Cadet) or Level 1 (Seniors)

  • ICS-300 is required to complete your CUL requirements (Advanced)
  • Course Fee includes food, manual, some training, and safety equipment 
  • Early registration (June 1) is required since there may be pre-course assignments as part of the school curriculum
  • Apply for this course under “Hawk Mountain Ranger School Full Week Course - 459” in eServices
  • A supplemental application is required
Course Fee

$400 - Includes food,  some training, and safety equipment 

Squadron Commander

Maj Aaron LaMantia

HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA

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