Lt Col Brian J. Cuce


As the Commander and Activity Director, Lt Col Brian Cuce is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the HMRS activity throughout the year as well as provides guidance of the CAP Ranger Program nationally.

Incident Commander 1 | Expert Ranger #281

Lt Col DeEtte Riley

Director of Staff

Lt Col Riley is responsible for the execution of all school support functions.  She directly oversees Finance/Administration, Public Affairs, and Medical Sections.

Incident Commander 3 | Instructor

Capt Terry Loughran

Deputy Commander

Capt Loughran assists the Commander in the execution of the HMRS activity and provides overall guidance to various special projects and initiatives.

Ground Branch Director | Expert Ranger #155

SMSgt Cory Felts

First Sergeant

As the HMRS First Sergeant, SMSgt Felts is directly responsible to the Commander for all personnel health, wellness, and morale concerns.  He advises the Commander on discipline issues during the school as well as supervises the CAP professional development of the key HMRS staff.

Incident Commander 3 | Advanced Ranger

Capt Brian Bartle

Director of Operations

Capt Bartle as Director of Operations directs the day-to-day execution of HMRS.  He is primarily responsible for supervising the Commandant of Students, Planning, and Logistics Sections.

Ground Branch Director | Expert Ranger #248


Capt Stephen Gundy

Deputy Director of Operations

Capt Gundy assists the Director of Operations in the day-to-day execution of the school.  He is primarily responsible for supervising and advising the student squadron senior leadership.

Ground Branch Director | Expert Ranger #261

Maj Mark Hahn

Planning Section Chief

Maj Hahn oversees the planning, scheduling, and curriculum management for HMRS schools.

Ground Branch Director | Expert Ranger #279

Maj Beata Wirth

Medical Section Chief

Maj Wirth is responsible for the physical health and wellbeing of all students and staff at HMRS and supervises all medical personal at the activity.  She is also responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of all medic program courses.

Ground Team Leader | Master Medic #24 | Expert Ranger #257

Lt Col Jeff Smith

Deputy Director of Staff

Lt Col Smith assists in directing the behind-the-scenes functions of the school ensuring logistics and support functions are optimized to support school operations.

Operations Section Chief | Expert Ranger #67

Maj Aaron Lamantia

Logistics Section Chief

Maj Lamantia is responsible for the management of all HMRS vehicle, communications, facilities, and operational supply to support school execution.

Logistics Section Chief | Expert Ranger #277

Lt Col Morgan Torp-Pedersen

Public Affairs Section Chief

Lt Col Torp-Pedersen manages all public outreach and media for HMRS to include grants, social media, external media relations, and corporate communications.

Public Information Officer

Capt Ryan Hoffman

Commandant of Students

Capt Hoffman serves as the senior member primarily responsible for student training.  He directly oversees the cadet staff training program and provides day-to-day direction to the senior and cadet squadron staff.

Ground Branch Director | Expert Ranger #222

Maj Ruth Bordner

Admin/Finance Section Chief

Maj Bordner is senior responsible for all administrative and finance functions of the school.  She is the face of HMRS through the application process and ensures administrative accountability for all students and staff.

Finance/Admin Section Chief | Instructor


C/Capt Paul Riegel

Cadet Commander

As the Cadet Commander, C/Capt Riegel plans and executes all facets of cadet training to include winter and summer schools as well as staff training.

Ground Team Member 1 | Advanced Ranger



Cadet Deputy Commander

The Cadet Deputy Commander assists the Cadet Commander in the planning and execution of all cadet training an activities.


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Cadet Executive Officer

The Cadet Executive Officer supports the cadet leadership team with all administrative and management support functions to ensure effective execution of cadet training programs.


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Squadron Leadership

Alpha Squadron (Advanced)

TBA (Senior)  |  TBA (Cadet)


Bravo Squadron (Cadet Basic)

TBA (Senior)  |  TBA (Cadet)


Charlie Squadron (Cadet Basic)

TBA (Senior)  |  TBA (Cadet)

Delta Squadron (Cadet Basic)

TBA (Senior)  |  TBA (Cadet)

Golf Squadron (Cadet Basic)

TBA (Senior)  |  TBA (Cadet)


Mike Squadron (Field Medic)

TBA (Senior)  |  TBA (Cadet)

Sierra Squadron (Senior Basic)


Tango Squadron (Team Commanders)


Whiskey Squadron (Field Communicators)

TBA (Senior)  |  TBA (Cadet)

India Squadron (Incident Leadership)


X-Ray Squadron (Independent Study)


Hotel Squadron (Aircrew Survival)

Lt Col Brian Porter

Unit Leaders

Training Unit Leader


Communications Unit Leader

2d Lt Susan Wilfong

Transportation Unit Leader

Capt Leander Adams

Meals & Supply Unit Leader

Maj Sharon Sheller

Tower Unit Leader

1st Lt Stephen Rice

Activity Project Officers

Weekend Ranger Staff Training

Capt Ryan Hoffman

Field Training Exercise

Capt Brandon Webber

First Aid / Communication Weekend

Capt Beata Wirth / Maj Aaron Lamantia

Navigation Weekend

Capt Brandon Webber


Emergency Services Weekends

Capt Matt Chirik / Maj Heather Weiss

Ropes Instructor Courses

1st Lt Stephen Rice​