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The Ranger Standards & Evaluations Section is responsible for the development, maintenance, and tracking of Ranger Qualifications nationally.  The staff reports directly to the Commander, Hawk Mountain Ranger School and continues to evolve requirements for all Ranger, Medic, and HMRS Staff awards to continue to advance our education, training, and field proficiency.  The Stan/Eval section also is responsible for evaluating and certifying all Special Examiners.  These Special Examiners hold unique skills and qualifications from external agencies and are used to certify specialized Ranger tasks as authorized by the Stan/Eval team and HMRS Commander.
Ranger Standards & Evaluation Responsibilities include:
  • Directing the evaluation, certification, and documentation of training and skill requirements for ground search and rescue

  • Establishing and maintaining testing standards for all Ranger grades

  • Maintaining training and certification records in a comprehensive database

  • Awarding individual Ranger grades

  • Planning and conducting an annual Ranger Team Competition

  • Assisting in the curriculum development for all Ranger School Courses

  • Publishing training standards and certifications for Ranger Grade

  • Performing Spot Checks on Evaluators

Stan/Eval Leadership

LTC Heather Weiss
Chief, Ranger Stan/Eval

1st Lt Alan Heckman

Deputy Chief, Ranger Stan/Eval

Maj Beata Wirth

Assistant Chief, Medic Stan/Eval

Maj Stephen Kantner

Assistant Chief, Ranger Stan/Eval

Maj Aaron LaMantia

Ranger Training Officer

Stan/Eval Liaison Officers (SELOs)

Lt Col Leslie Lewis
Great Lakes Region

Maj Chad Hooper

Mid-Atlantic Region

LTC Brian Watson 

North Central Region

Maj Stephen M. Kantner

Northeast Region

Lt Col Laurie Watson

Pacific Region

LTC Laurie Watson

Rocky Mountain Region

Capt Stephen Lewis

Southeast Region

Capt Klara Olcott

Southwest Region

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