9 - 17 July 2022



HMRS has revised its staff training program for 2022 to be an on-the-job training program utilizing previous advanced course graduates as probationary staff with additional classwork.  This is a second-year only course for Alpha, Tango, and Mike graduates. Applicants should select 337 - HMRS Cadet Staff on their E-Services application to receive the staff rate.

The Ranger Staff training program is for highly motivated cadets who want to become part of the Hawk Mountain Ranger School staff.  Students will experience on-the-job training as probationary staff while learning effective teaching techniques, safety considerations of staffing NCSAs, in-depth Ranger & ground team skills, how to properly evaluate both, and basic leadership concepts.  Students will also learn how to effectively mentor and teach students.  A comprehensive and intense 3-day survival and evaluation hike will be conducted.  Once the student completes and passes the program, they will receive their Yellow Scarf and become a probationary member of the Hawk Mountain Ranger School instructor staff.  There will be an interview, written exam, and physical fitness tests given by our staff prior to committing you to this course.

Target Graduation Qualifications:  Probationary Staff (Yellow Scarf)

  • Graduate of one of the following HMRS course:

    • Advanced Ranger Course​

    • Team Commanders Course

    • Field Medic Course

  • Course Fee includes food 
  • Apply for this course under “337 - HMRS Cadet Staff” in eServices
  • A supplemental application is required
Course Fee

$50 - Includes food


HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA

Training Advisor


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