11 - 19 July 2020


Open to Cadets and Seniors, during this first year course, students will gain hands-on experience in navigation, team mobility, search operations, crash site procedures and survival skills. Students will also have an opportunity to rappel on our 60+ foot tower. The students then will take part in a 3-day mission to have the skills learned evaluated. In this search exercise, the schools culminating event, the students will take part in real world scenarios and perform realistic rescues. Students will train through the Ranger 3rd Class and into Ranger 2nd Class skills. Ground Team Member Level 3 & 2 skills will also be evaluated. The students will also gain training to complete their MRO. This training will allow them to be considered true assets of any CAP ground team.
Target Graduation Qualifications:  Ground Team Member 3, Ranger Third Class
  • GES Complete

  • ICUT Online Training Complete (E-Services)

  • Possess a Current First Aid Card

  • ICS NIMS 100 & 700 complete

  • Physical Category 1 (in accordance with CAPP 60-50)

  • Completion of Encampment (Cadets)

  • Completion of Cadet Protection Training (Students over 18)

  • Completion of Achievement 1 (Cadet) or Level 1 (Seniors)



Hawk Mountain Ranger School is excited to offer its entire academic curriculum FREE and ONLINE for 2020 during our normally scheduled week of 10-19 July 2020.  While we won't be able to offer sign-offs for GTM and Ranger grades, we hope the academic instruction will allow you to get ahead for future training or provide a foundation for sign-offs at the local level.  Normal NCSA and HMRS prerequisites are not a requirement for participation!


Instructional Methods

Google Classroom - Students who register for any program will receive access to our Google Classroom online environment which will give members access to all course content including powerpoints, videos, links, recorded lectures, and quizzes.  This content is organized by GTM and Ranger tasks to provide specific references and instruction on individual skills to prepare for GTM and Ranger testing.


Zoom - HMRS instructors will deliver academic instruction tailored for online learning to allow for questions and interactive discussion on Search and Rescue and Survival concepts.  All Zoom sessions will be recorded and posted for members to reference at future times.


Free E-Learning Offerings

Basic / Advanced Ranger Course - HMRS will deliver via Google Classroom and Zoom both self-paced and guided instruction on the breadth of CAP GTM and Ranger skills.  The training will be targeted for the GTM3 / Ranger Third Class level however a selection of advanced classes will be offered to cover topics such as Advanced Navigation, Ropes Skills, Advanced Survival, and Advanced Search Theory introducing topics up to the GTL and Advanced Ranger level. 


Ranger Physical Training Program - Participants will be provided a 9-day Physical Training plan tailored to at-home workouts to build good techniques and habits for excelling at CAP and Ranger PT requirements.  Online, cadet staff-led daily workout sessions may also be offered pending cadet staff availability!


Certification Courses

ICS300 | Virtual (FREE)  | 10-12 July 2020 - NESA-MTT instructors will deliver the FEMA ICS300 curriculum virtually through the Zoom platform to meet CAP advanced training standards.  Attendees will participate in online lectures, discussions, and exercises.


ICS400 | Virtual (FREE) | 18-19 July 2020 - NESA-MTT instructors will deliver the FEMA ICS400 curriculum virtually through the Zoom platform to meet CAP advanced training standards.  Attendees will participate in online lectures, discussions, and exercises.


NASAR Basic Wilderness First Aid | Virtual ($25) | Two sessions:  11-14 July 2020 (1900-2100 Eastern) or 18 July 2020 (1000-1800 Eastern) - Certified HMRS Medical staff will conduct two sessions of National Association for Search and Rescue's Basic Wilderness First Aid.

* Currently pending NHQ waiver to CAPR 60-3 to allow online First Aid training for GTM requirements.

  • No prerequisites required for Ground Team / Ranger Training and First Aid Courses. 

  • Completion of IS 100, 200, 700, & 800 are prerequisites for ICS 300 and 400.

Course Fee

FREE (except BWFA)


Tentative Schedule
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