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Lt Col DeEtte Riley

Director of Staff

Lt Col DeEtte Riley first came to the Mountain as a cadet in 1977. Now, there are few things at Hawk Mountain that have not felt her profound influence. She is responsible for procuring all supplies and services needed for the management of the school. She managed the construction bids, materials and accounting for hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of improvements to HMRS. She has served as NCSA Activity Director and School Deputy Commander, as well as Chief of Staff. She holds the Ranger Proficiency Grade of Instructor. When she is not serving at Hawk Mountain, Col Riley is PAWG Assistant Safety Officer and Director of Finance, winning several Finance Officer of the Year Awards, and a feature article in CAP’s Volunteer magazine. Outside of CAP, Col Riley lives near State College, PA with her husband, Expert Ranger Lt Col Jeff Riley, whom she met through her local squadron. She works for an apartment management company.

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