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The Ground Search & Rescue Challenge is a skills competition hosted and organized by the Hawk Mountain Ranger Program of Pennsylvania Wing.  This competition has taken many forms, but the heart of the competition is the testing and evaluation of the basic skills and teamwork necessary to execute search and rescue taskings effectively.  These basic skills are what make any ground search and rescue personnel successful and lead to lives being saved.
This year’s competition is no different.  The heart of the competition remains!  The competition will test your mental abilities, physical stamina, and cause you to use teamwork to complete the necessary tasks that will be set before you.  In addition to your teamwork and skills, you will also be judged on your ability to pay attention to detail in several areas of this competition.
Areas of Evaluation will include the following:
  • Registration procedure
  • Ability to locate and arrive on time at the competition site
  • Individual qualifications
  • CAP uniform inspection
  • Personnel equipment inspection
  • Physical fitness
  • Obstacle course completion
  • Day / Night navigation
  • Grid search clue detection
  • Hasty search clue detection
  • Ability to locate an ELT beacon
  • Knots
  • Communication procedures
  • Ability to move with gear
  • Ability to evaluate and treat a victim at the wilderness first aid level
Teams will be comprised of four members and must register with four members. The team with the most points at the end of the weekend wins! Prizes will be announced closer to the competition.
Pre-Registration is required via our online registration form found here .  

All members must complete CAPFs 60-80, 160, and 161 in order to participate.  These forms do not need to be submitted but should be retained by the team leaders of each team.  Additional requirements may exist per your respective wings. 
Required forms can be found on our Forms & Publications page.
Activity Dates

October TBA


 $20 per member


(Exact location will be announced a week out as part of the competition)

Register (not open yet)
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Project Officer

Maj Jason Tartalone

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