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Winter Ranger School is designed to prepare Ranger Team members for operations or survival situations in cold weather environments for up to 72 hours.  There are four course options available depending on each individual's experience: 

Introduction to Winter OPS – Basic introduction to cold weather operations, clothing, equipment, safety, first aid, basic survival, search techniques, and woodsman ship. This is not a prerequisite course. This is designed for students that have had no experience in cold weather operations.

Basic Course - First year course emphasizing on navigation, winter search and rescue techniques, cold weather survival, camp site selection, and preparing for cold weather operations, along with mission scenarios, patient evacuation. 

Advanced Course - A second year course continuing the education, skills and experiences of search & rescue operations in a cold weather environment. Prerequisite is completion of a Winter Ranger School.  This course is designed for students seeking to obtain their Ranger First Class.
Special Advanced Course - Designed for cadets and seniors who have attended the advanced winter school. The course will include field mobility, advanced search, winter survival, Natural Shelters, and team leader skills.  This course is designed for students seeking to obtain their Advanced or Expert Ranger.

To apply, register via Registration Zone and then complete the Supplemental Application.
Activity Dates

17-18 Feb 2024

Apply in eServices Registration Zone

Check in 0800 hrs on Saturday
Dismissal 1330 hrs on Sunday

$20 fee due at check-in


HMRS Training Facility

Kempton, PA


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