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6 - 14 July 2024


Complete the Special Activities Application:  Go to E-Services and click Cadet Programs button then “Registration and Payment System” link on the left hand side of the screen.  As you follow the instructions for entering your request, you will also get to check (and correct if necessary) your address, contact information, and personal characteristics that National Headquarters (NHQ) has on file.   If you need to make changes please follow the directions on this page. The computer process takes member data and puts it in the forms where appropriate so it's important that your data is accurate.  ONLY applications sent through the National Cadet Special Activities website will be accepted. 


  • Personal:  Check to make sure all the information is correct, especially your email address.  The HMRS Staff uses email to communicate with you.  

  • Medical:  It is essential that you explain any medical condition that you have.  For example, if you have been hospitalized or been in an accident, you must give details.  All medications must be listed.

  • Click on the Preferences tab:  Choose the ONE HMRS course you would like to attend.  Please be aware of any prerequisites for the course you are selecting.

    • Select - Hawk Mountain Ranger School Full Week Course - 459 if applying for:
        Basic Ranger School - Cadet or Senior
        Field Communicators Course
        Cadet Advanced Ranger Course
        Ranger Team Commander Course
        Incident Leadership Course

      • Air Crew Survival BOTH Basic and Advanced Courses​

    • Select Hawk Mountain Ranger School Half Week Course -   if applying for:

      • ​Air Crew Survival Basic Course​​ only

      • Air Crew Survival Advanced Course only

    • Select HMRS Ranger Field Medic Staff Training Course-319 if you have graduated from a previous Summer School and are applying to the Ranger Field Medic Course

    • Select Staff if you are already an HMRS staff member or are a new graduate of Mike, Alpha, Tango, or Spring Staff Training OR if you would like to apply for a Support Staff Position.

  • Review Tab: When you hit "Submit", your application will be transmitted to NHQ electronically.  Your Squadron Commander and Wing Commander must then approve your application, also electronically.  Only then will the Hawk Mountain Staff review your application for slotting.  You may be contacted for additional information if needed. 

  • After you have completed your registration via E-Services you must submit a Supplemental Application.



If you have been selected for Hawk Mountain Ranger School, you will receive an e-mail by the Ranger Staff with additional instructions. 

  • Print the online application by going to the "Online Payment" tab in the "Registration and Payment System" section of eServices.  To the right of the invoice, choose, "Print Form 31".  Please do not pay until told to do so.

  • The application needs to be signed by the applicant.  Squadron and Wing Commanders have already approved this electronically, so their signatures are not required.

  • If you are a cadet, the application must be signed by parent or guardian and their respective witness.  

  • Scan and e-mail the signed application to .

  • Our school fee is non-refundable, so DO NOT PAY any part of the school fee until told to do so.  This will most likely be around 1 June 2023.  A deposit is not required.  Please disregard any instructions to pay that come from National.  

  • Email travel arrangements (complete flight itineraries) to


Detailed questions should be e-mailed to and they will be directed to the proper staff member.

(Please provide your contact information, including the student’s name and CAPID.)

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