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HMRS Summer School Day 2

Early in the morning, students at Hawk Mountain Ranger School were up and about, doing physical training and running through the obstacle course. Following morning formation, students jumped right into classes and training exercises. The students had plenty to occupy both body and mind from Squadron Charlie's search line practice to Squadron Bravo's navigation class to Squadron Delta's fire building class.

Midway through the day, a MedEvac helicopter came from Lehigh Valley Health Network. The pilot instructed Squadron Alpha about rescue operations with the MedEvac and career paths they can take. In the meanwhile, a Flight Nurse and a Paramedic showed Squadron Mike, the medical squadron, around the interior of the MedEvac.

One of the day's highlights was the rappel tower, which is used for both training and a confidence-building activity. While more advanced squadrons learn high-angle rescue techniques which Civil Air Patrol's senior members sometimes use on missions, the basic squadrons are taught the essentials of safe rappelling.

It was a long day full of training, but the students showed themselves ready to take on the challenge, dedicating their minds to learning the life-saving search and rescue techniques.

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