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*SHORT NOTICE* Hawk Mountain ES, Comms & First Aid Weekend (10-11 Nov 18)

Interested in learning about how to handle an emergency medical situation in the field? Need your First Aid card for Ground Team Member?

Need to sign off on GTM skills? Brush up on Navigation? Complete your ICUT?

The Hawk Mountain Ranger School will be offering a combined Emergency Services, Communications, and First Aid Weekend.

All are invited to attend!

10-11 November 2018

First Aid participants will receive a First Aid and CPR card upon completion of the two-day course. If your First Aid and CPR card expired within the last six months, recertification will be offered.

Registration Pre-registration is required via our online registration form found here:

Course Fees (paid upon check in)

First Aid Initial Certification: $20

First Aid Re-Certification: $10

All others: $10

Other Information

Please note: Food and water are not provided or available at the school. You must bring your own food and water for the weekend. Limited indoor lodging is available so plan on bringing a tent. See the weekend packing list for details at

All attendees must have completed CAPT 116 and have General Emergency Services, prior to attending. All members must submit completed Medical forms CAPF 160, 161 and CAPF 31 for each activity. Cadets must have signed parental permission and out of PA Wing must be signed by your Wing Commander. The completed CAPF 31 needs to be scanned in PDF format, then emailed to at least 3 days before the event. Required forms can be found on our Forms & Publications page at

For more information visit

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