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Summer School 2022: Day 2

It wasn’t even 6 AM yet when cadets lined up on the field for a morning physical training session.

Cadets launched into motion with stretches, calisthenics, a run, the obstacle course, and a three ball soccer game. Alpha Squadron took the title of winner in today’s match. Throughout the week, squadrons compete against each other for the three ball soccer championship. Meanwhile, on the obstacle course, Mike Squadron claimed victory for the best performance.

Cadet swings on rope over water

An action-packed morning transitioned into an action-packed day. Bravo Squadron rappelled down the tower, which helped them build confidence, learn the basics of rope work, and have fun all at the same time.

Later, handlers and K9s from Chesco Search Dogs performed demonstrations of how different types of search dogs perform their duties. Cadets watched as the dogs tracked down their targets and alerted their handlers—and got copious amounts of treats and games in return.

The K9s weren’t the only ones searching; students spent time working on search techniques and learning about clue recognition. Searching for a missing person is more than just looking for a person; a large part of the task is searching for clues that the person you’re searching for has passed by.

After finding a missing person, the next step is to get them to safety. Sometimes, the best way to do that is via helicopter when it’s too far to the road or an ambulance would take too long to get the patient to the hospital. A MedEvac from Lehigh Valley Health Network landed in the field, and the flight crew introduced their operations to Alpha (the advanced squadron) and Mike (the field medic squadron). Alpha and Tango (the team commanders squadron) learned how to set up a helicopter landing zone.

In the evening, Chief Master Sergeant Parsons, Civil Air Patrol’s National Command Chief, shared his perspectives and experiences with the cadets. His presentation was followed by a character development lesson. Then, prior to turning in, the students practiced and tested on their skills.

Alpha Squadron was awarded as today's Honor Squadron for their outstanding overall performance.



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