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Summer School 2022: Day 4

Crackling flames and billowing smoke announced success as students kindled fires this afternoon.

Fire is an essential survival tool, especially in the winter. Though fire starters and lighters are handy to keep around, cadets learned how to build a fire with only matches and locally-gathered wood. By the end of the class, many cadets had excellent blazes going. The students then learned to properly extinguish their fires.

Basic land navigation, knots, staying healthy in the field, and learning about resources available in search and rescue also filled the day. It was Delta’s turn to rappel down the tower today. Meanwhile, Squadron Mike (the field medic course) practiced splinting and triage.

The evening was spent preparing for the field training exercise, a three-day hike that will take students to different scenarios where they have to employ the skills they’ve been learning in class for the past several days.

Today’s honor squadron was Alpha, and Delta claimed the title of best obstacle course run.


Note: Daily updates and large photo shares will be on pause during the field training exercise, but check on our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram) for updates throughout!


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