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CAP Ranger Qualification Database Now Online!

Hawk Mountain Ranger School is excited to finally announce the creation of our online CAP Ranger Qualification Database! After over 50 years of issuing CAP Ranger Grades, CAP members will now be able to look up any members' Ranger, Medic, or Staff Qualifications in our new online database. The database currently contains over 1500 members who have earned Ranger Qualifications at summer schools over the last 10 years. We will continue to add members who have earned qualifications outside of summer school in the coming weeks. Members will also have the ability to submit documentation of earned grades not reflected in our database so we can update the records accordingly.

To access the database, head over to and create an account on our website. Once your CAP membership has been verified, you will be given access to CAP Ranger Online and will be able to access the database. In time, we will continue to add features such as online printing of Ranger Qualification Cards, historical records of earned grades, and historical school completion.

We are more than excited to bring our tracking of Ranger Grades into the 21st century and look forward to your feedback!


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